Wondrous Hawaii: A Perfect Location

Orbiting around a star is a blue planet, i’ts heat source coming closer and farther away. While spinning on its own axis and spinning around its heat source a magical place stays the same temperature… Hawai’i.


-So how is the temperature in Hawai’i? Well its always around 80 degrees during the day time. The real question is, is it raining or isn’t it. When most of the planet is getting snowed on, we have a rainy season. November through March we get the most rainfall, and the temperatures on certain higher altitudes on the islands can ready 65 degrees at night. But most of the time its paradise.


During many months of the year Hawaii gets hit with Trade winds on the northern and eastern sides of the island. As the sun and rain combine almost everyday on certain parts of the island we are knows as the Rainbow State. As residents of the Hawaiian Islands we are humbled and blessed with our surroundings and take recycling and going green to heart. So please take care of our islands and we will return the kindness and consideration with Aloha.


Our sea or kai the temperatures have a slight cooling off feeling but instantly used to it, you will be able to comfortably swim with our turtles on beaches like Hanauma Bay. One of the best places to go Snorkeling and enjoy the most beautiful beach on Oahu, that at one point was reserved for Royalty.

~ We openly share our paradise with our Ohana.