The Warmest Waters on Oahu

Located in between Kahe Point Beach Park and Tracks Beach Park is Hawaiian Electric Beach Park.  Also known as E-Beach, this place offers the warmest waters on Oahu due to it being right across the street from a power plant.  Haha, it may sound bad, but it’s not.  Known as one of the snorkeling “hot-spots”, pun intended, the power plant emits clean warm water from a large pipeline just off the beach which just happens to attract a lot of fish.  Fish that love to play in the warm water current.

Bring your snorkeling gear and head on out from either Kahe Point Beach or E-Beach.  You’ll find all the coral structures you can handle in one day.  The quickest way to the pipeline is to get in from Kahe Point and swim straight out approximately 100-150 yard.  You’ll come upon this large rectangular structure completely covered  in coral.  The first time I saw it, I thought of it as a small sunken ship.  Then we swam to the other side and suddenly you feel the water temperature change and fish playing in the strong current shooting out of it.  Go have some fun and see if you can enjoy the warm waters!

 Written by Johann Moguel