Hawaiian Kona Coffee: Arguably the Best

Remembering the first time I tasted Hawaiian Kona coffee was the first time I believed to be tasting the best coffee in the world. Being a fan of coffee, I have tried many different types and I stand strong by my choice that we have one of the best. ‘Mountain Coffee’ created in the slopes of the volcanoes from the islands, rich with minerals creating the ideal conditions for the growth of the coffee bean.


Originating from a Brazilian coffee plant, the Reverend Samuel Ruggles brought the coffee plant to Hawaii sometime around the 1820′s. Today around 800 Kona coffee farms and workers from different parts of the world including: Mainland Americans, Japanese, Filipino, and Europeans.

How is the Kona Coffee Harvested?

Spring time is when the coffee blooms and is nearly ready to be picked. Sprouting green berries by the first quarter of the year and after mid-year the ‘cherries’ are ready to be picked. Providing around fifteen pounds of cherry that is hand picked and set to ferment in a tank creating about two pounds of roasted coffee.

Kona coffee is only grown in Hawaii and history would contest that every person who tried to duplicate it was not successful. Despite an infestation of a green beetle in the fields found around 2010 measures were taken to counter balance the bug by bringing in a ground fungus that is helping to destroy the beetle.


Where Can I buy some Hawaiian Coffee?

Kona Coffee Online Store


During your stay on the islands take advantage and try some of the different tasty varieties of our coffee. Many different flavors and prices of the coffee can be purchased at almost any store. Macadamia chocolates and rich Kona coffee is the best way to start a day before you venture out and experience what Hawaii has to offer.