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Probowl Block Party

Saddle up ladies and gentlemen, the boys are back in town! The Probowl block party is one of the most anticipated festivities to hit the streets of Waikiki. Each year, the residents and guests of Oahu prepare to kick the year off just right. Hundreds of people march down the 1.3-mile stretch that is Kalakaua Avenue, just to take part in all the fun.

It was the perfect time to have the night off. We didn’t want to start our night with an empty stomach. Dinner at our favorite Japanese spot Gyu-Kaku, simply seemed like a no-brainer. Not only is the meal is affordable, it is of great quality as well! The atmosphere is great and it’s just a fun place to eat at.


After inhaling all that food, we decided that we were missing out on all the fun and it was time to help everyone celebrate the infamous Probowl block party. The streets are bombarded by countless merchandise booths, food vendors and live performances on several stages.



Even though my friends and I were pretty clueless about football, it was still exciting and fun to join in all the action. We roamed the streets, taking pictures of anything and everything. At the end of Kalakaua Avenue, we found ourselves standing in front of the main stage, dancing the night away.