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Tasty Diner & Lounge in Chinatown Honolulu


Unassuming on the outside, cool atmosphere on the inside. Walking down N. Hotel St. you’ll see a discrete white sign below an overhang that reads “Down Beat Diner & Lounge”. The diner comes complete with your diner and pub favorites yet cater to vegan and vegetarian options by boasting they can make any food item on the menu vegan or vegetarian. On top of that, they carry as much locally grown produce as possible as well as sourcing their beef from the Big Island. The service was great and on point. The part I like about these foodie type places is that they also pride themselves on signature cocktails and drinks. I had a non-alcoholic ginger brew and my friends had iced black ginger tea. Perfect for a hot day.


Just given the tons of low price items on their drink & food menus plus the great service, this is going to be a place I’m going to visit regularly. And who doesn’t love a place that offers breakfast all day long! *Me high-fiving the diner gods.


So what puts the “lounge” in “Down Beat Diner & Lounge”? Well, next door they have a lounge just made for the night life outfitted with a top of the line sound system. Which is finely tuned for music showcases 3-4 nights a week. And what cool lounge wouldn’t come with a full service bar loaded with house made drinks and everything else your drinking face can think of!

Written by Johann Moguel

One of a Kind Mochi Ice Cream

My friends and I spent an amazing day at the beach in Waimanalo Bay this past week and we wanted to stop for shave ice on the way back into town. Unfortunately we had waited until after the sunset and all of the places where we wanted to try to get this Hawaiian treat were closed. As we tried to get a delicious cold treat we were thwarted at every turn, and then someone suggested Bubbies Ice Cream. I had never enjoyed this popular Hawaiian ice cream spot and we decided to check it out


My friend gave me directions and we headed into town in order to satisfy this craving for something cold and sweet. We arrived at the spot located on University Avenue. I was told to expect a busy store and luckily the line was not that long, although as we were eating the traffic coming through the store was steadily increasing. We grabbed a table in the back and waited for our friend to bring the treats to us. We were not disappointed, the ice cream was delicious. I have not encountered anything like the mochi ice cream balls that we devoured. These little servings were just out of this world, the ice cream was very flavorful and is wrapped in a sweetened rice confection, and the combination was delectable.

Bubbies not only serves the Mochi Ice cream balls, they also serve traditional ice cream and sorbets. They offer over twenty flavors, all of which are wonderfully delicious. There are gourmet ice cream cakes as well. This was a perfect stop after a day of fun out in the sun. I was thoroughly impressed and can not believe i waited so long to try this out for myself. I would absolutely recommend ordering a serving from any of the restaurant that serve Bubbies or going into the store and enjoying this magnificent dessert. A stop here is well worth the wait and should definitely be on your list of things to try in Hawaii.

Written by James Bredeson


Liliha ~ Your favorite Diner & Bakery in Honolulu


Liliha Bakery Open 24 hours with free parking! Say what?! You can’t go wrong. Not only is this place a Bakery, but a Diner as well. The perfect combo. Get an early start on the day or feed that late night craving. Except on Mondays, in which they’re closed. Sad face, but there are still 6 other days in the week.

In our case, we stormed into the diner for a late Tuesday night craving. My friends had been there before, but this was my first time. If you looked at all of the food we ordered down the bar it would be the equivalent of Breakfast Thanksgiving. Blueberry waffles, pancakes, french toast, steak and eggs, and…..butter rolls. Oh, those butter rolls. Can you say “mind blown”? These little things were invented to make the human race happy and create world peace. All health nuts need not apply. What seems like Texas toast completely saturated in butter they also provide a small cup of jelly to dip/spread. Help create world peace and order the butter rolls on the side. You might tear up a little bit.

ButterRoll Butter Rolls

Written by Johann Moguel

Cajun style Crab in Honolulu!

Are you serious! You were so delicious…and the freshest! My bud and I were about to hit Wal-Mart, but we were super hungry. While parking we saw this corner restaurant right across the street called Raging Crab and B-lined it over with some possible illegal jaywalking involved.


We walked into people wearing large white bibs grubbing down to crawfish, mussels, snow crab legs, clams, & shrimp atop white table paper….and they had nothing but smiles on their faces. Not only were the customers eating happy, but we were happy because of the immediate friendly service.


Salivating from the amazing aroma filling our current atmosphere we ordered corona’s with the lime & salt of course to quench the taste buds for the moment. Don’t want to get Hangry in public! And they make it easy for you to order by putting steps on the menu. Here’s how our ordering experience went:

Us: We’ll go with “COMBOS” (feeds 1-2)
Server: What meats would you like?
Us: *with utter confidence* Snow crab legs, crawfish, & mussels.
Server: Seasoning?
Us: oh yeah, the garlic butter…
Server: Haha….and what spicy level?
Me: HOT!
Buddy: Wait, how hot is hot?
Server: *calling him out* If you eat hot food, you can definitely handle this.
Me: *chuckling*
Buddy: Okay, let’s do the hot. (cheers)


Our food came out in a plastic bag and the rest is a masterpiece, a Picasso if you may. Also, I recommend the crazy garlic bread with “ninja aioli sauce”. Yes, we got ninja’d….and it was amazing.





Written by Johann Moguel

A Day in Kailua

If your idea of a good time includes fine dining, luxurious shopping, and a night of bar hopping, then you’ve come to the right place. Waikiki has become the ultimate destination for Oahu vacationers; it has everything and more! But if you’re looking to escape the constant hustle and bustle of the busy streets of Waikiki, I may just have the perfect place for you.

Within only a 30 minute drive from Waikiki, you can find yourself enjoying a beautiful day spent in turquoise water and dig your toes in white sand as fine as powdered sugar, a site completely unique only to this side of the island. Welcome to Kailua!

photo 2-2 copy

After a very busy week of work, I undeniably needed a mini “staycation” away from town. My friends and I decided to spend the day away from our place in the city to visit the quiet town of Kailua. We bypassed the day bathing under the beautiful warm sun and swimming in the breath-taking waters of Kailua Beach. It has definitely become a favorite beach spot of mine.

After we exhausted a fun-filled day at the beach, we decided to roam the streets of Kailua Town. The town is buzzing with unique boutiques that embrace chic local styles and trendy restaurants, if you’re in the mood for some casual dining. We were starving so we stopped by this hip new Italian spot, called Prima. I absolutely loved the setting. The ash-blond wood tables and nicely molded plastic chairs gave the place a relaxed, casual atmosphere but with the exceptional service of a fine-dining restaurant. We shared the Pesto Caesars Pizza over a bottle of champagne. The restaurant allows customers to bring in their own alcoholic beverages so we bought our champagne from Foodland right next door. The food was reasonably priced and was nothing short of amazing!

photo 3 copy

Overall, it was a great day and it provided me just the right amount of relaxation time a mini “staycation” can offer.




Ruth Chris and Our 1 Year Anniversary

We visited at the holiday Honolulu City Lights after taking the Polyad Double Decker tour around Honolulu. The night was clear and beautiful. Exactly one year ago we got married and had our celebration at the Kualoa Ranch at the Paliku Gardens, it was a beautiful celebration.


After we walked around at the Holiday lights we swung over to the Ruth Chris location at Restaurant Row in Honolulu. This is the 2nd time we have been to Ruth Chris, the 1st time was a weekend get-a-way to Maui just before we saw the Ulalena Show.

Honolulu Restaurant Row Location to the Ruth Chris:

When I made the reservation the lady asked me if we were coming for any special occasion and I told her it was our 1 year anniversary. We didn’t wait long as they prepared our table with champagne glasses and roses fluttered around the table. They offered us a complimentary glass of champagne and my wife looked at me and asked if I planned all this. I smiled and told her this was all Ruth Chris.


We ordered 2 delicious dinners; the Rib-eye with Blue Cheese crusted, and she had the Mint Lamb Chops and a side of Garlic Mashed potatoes. I had a corona to go with the Steak of Course.


To top off this perfect evening and meal, they gave us complimentary strawberries on Fire dessert.


Thank you Ruth Chris Restaurant’s of Hawaii.