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Exciting ATV Tours at Kualoa Ranch


For those of you with a sense of adventure, I would highly recommend the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) tour at Kualoa Ranch. This fast paced tour was a ton of fun as we traveled the trails through the lush valleys at the ranch. I would suggest going on the two hour tour, I feel like the one hour tour just didn’t quite quell the excitement and thrill seeking that I was after. The ATV’s were easy to operate, especially after watching the short introductory video. They are all automatic transmissions so you do not need to worry about the shifting of gears along the way.


Safety is of paramount concern to the staff and guides, of course. Helmets and eye protection are required for all riders. I would suggest learning the speed and the braking distances as soon as you get the chance, just in case you need to stop short at some point. The guides will let you know that if you hit anything, a tree or another ATV that you will lose your riding privileges from that point on, so again be vigilant and careful of your surroundings. You will need to bring closed toed shoes and be prepared to get dirty. The trails can be dusty or muddy depending on the weather and I would specifically recommend that you do not wear white as the dust or mud will be very difficult to remove.


You are allowed to bring your backpack with you while riding and I would also make sure to have plenty of water with you. I would also suggest you apply sunscreen before you begin as you will be out in the sun for the duration of the tour. The tour does move quickly at times and you do get to pass by some of the famous movie sets that were filmed at the beautiful Kualoa Ranch. You will also have two to three stops where you will be afforded the opportunity to take some magnificent photos. The guides are knowledgeable and very helpful while keeping the group together and moving forward.


The ranch has plenty of parking for those who choose to enjoy the scenic drive out to the spot on the eastern shore of Oahu. I had an amazing time on this adventure with my friends had now that I am aware of how much fun it is, I can not wait to plan our next trip out! Polynesian Adventure Tours offers a half day package that makes the most of your time during your visit to Kualoa ranch. I would suggest the ATV or Horseback with the secret pond for a nice lunch. However you choose to spend the day, I know you will have a great time.

 Written by James Bredeson

Teaming up to Make a Great Visitor Experience

I just returned from my honeymoon in Hawaii and wanted to share my great experiences with Polynesian Adventure Tours. My husband and I spent a week in Oahu and a week in Kona. While in Oahu we took the Grand Circle Island Tour with Dole Plantation, with our driver Ed. Let me first start out by saying that Ed was amazing!! He made the long day pass quickly, and we learned many interesting things about Oahu.

Dole Pineapple Plantation

While in Kona we took the Grand Circle Island Tour from Kona, with our driver Wayne. Wayne made the 12 hour adventure amazing!! He also knew it was our honeymoon (he must have been told by booking) and made sure to come and congratulate us both my husband and myself were very touched by his thoughtfulness. Finally, I want to express my thanks to Terry in the office. When I called prior to our Kona adventure to confirm our booking and pick-up, we found out that our travel agent had booked us on the tour leaving from Hilo (while we were in Kona and had no rental) and failed to let us know.

Rainbow Falls Hawaii on Big Island

Terry got everything cleared up and fit us on to the tour leaving from Kona, and never once made us feel like a trouble to her. The best part of what my travel agent did, was book my tours through Polynesian Adventure Tours!! We thank you for 2 memorable tours and 2 great drivers. We will recommend you to all of our friends on their trips to Hawaii.

Stephanie & Richard Burgess

USS Missouri 70th Anniversary

USS Missouri, also known as the Mighty Mo, turned 70 years old on January 29th. Christened on January 29, 1944 by Mary Margaret Truman, daughter of Harry S. Truman,  the last battleship built by the Navy was put out to sea. 55 years later the Might Mo, opened its gangplank in Pearl Harbor in order to showcase the historical achievements of the retired battleship. 

During her 55 year career, she earned 11 battle stars and participated in World War II, the Korean War, Operation Desert Shield, and the first Gulf War. She has seen much in that storied career including the signing of the Japanese surrender formally ending World War II. She now sits serenely in Pearl Harbor with her bow facing the Arizona Memorial. This was done so that ceremonies on the aft section would not be distracted by the views of the Arizona Memorial or take anything away from the significance of that site. It is meant to convey that the USS Missouri, with her bow facing the Arizona, is now looking over the remains so that those interred within may rest in peace.

This is one of the most popular things to do in Hawaii, and the sheer size of the ship inspires awe! There are many tours to Pearl Harbor, I suggest you take one that also includes this amazing piece of American History.

Oahu Circle Island Customer Testimonials: Sue Niccum from Crystal, Minnesota

Sue Niccum from Crystal, Minnesota
We went to Hawaii for our first time to celebrate of 25th wedding anniversary.

hawaii 020

Since we had never been there before and we wanted to see as much as possible in a short amount of time, we chose to do the tours of Road to Hana, Pearl Harbor and Honolulu and the Oahu Circle Island Tour.

We heard driving the Road to Hana is also known as the Road to Divorce. We didn’t want to take that chance :)