A Scenic Inner Island Trail for Everyone!

Looking for that beautiful well manicured trail that’s kid, elderly, and pet friendly?  Try the Kanealole & Maunalaha Loop located in the Makiki Valley.  Head up Makiki Heights Dr and turn onto the dead end street where the Hawaii Nature Center is located.  All along that street is side street parking or, if you can find a spot, there is a small parking lot on the left.  After parking, walk to the end of the street, and you’ll see this.


Head to your right and walk past the bathroom area.  You’ll see the Kanealole & Maunalaha Loop trail head.  When you get to the fork, head left for an easier hike, head right if you want the heavier incline.  Keep in mind the loop isn’t difficult.  There are some muddy rooted spots especially after rain.


Overall, expect a wide well manicured trail full of scenic rain forest with several bridges over streams and rain run off.  You’ll see ginger plants, strawberry guava trees, banana trees, and magnificent Banyan trees.  The trail is busy with people and pets, but it’s wide enough so that it doesn’t feel clustered.  Definitely a place to take a stroll and calm the senses.  If you feel you want some rigorous exercise, it is jog friendly as well, just be careful when it’s gets muddy.

Written by Johann Moguel