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Wondrous Hawaii: A Perfect Location

Orbiting around a star is a blue planet, i’ts heat source coming closer and farther away. While spinning on its own axis and spinning around its heat source a magical place stays the same temperature… Hawai’i.


-So how is the temperature in Hawai’i? Well its always around 80 degrees during the day time. The real question is, is it raining or isn’t it. When most of the planet is getting snowed on, we have a rainy season. November through March we get the most rainfall, and the temperatures on certain higher altitudes on the islands can ready 65 degrees at night. But most of the time its paradise.


During many months of the year Hawaii gets hit with Trade winds on the northern and eastern sides of the island. As the sun and rain combine almost everyday on certain parts of the island we are knows as the Rainbow State. As residents of the Hawaiian Islands we are humbled and blessed with our surroundings and take recycling and going green to heart. So please take care of our islands and we will return the kindness and consideration with Aloha.


Our sea or kai the temperatures have a slight cooling off feeling but instantly used to it, you will be able to comfortably swim with our turtles on beaches like Hanauma Bay. One of the best places to go Snorkeling and enjoy the most beautiful beach on Oahu, that at one point was reserved for Royalty.

~ We openly share our paradise with our Ohana.

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve – Oahu, Hawaii



The Term “bay” comes from the Hawaiian word Hana, and Uma means “curved”. One of the most beautiful beaches on Oahu, that is perfect for safe swimming and snorkeling. The plan was to bring back its beautiful marine ecosystem by lowering the visitor numbers and by educating them. The Marine Education Center give a taste of history and culture while helping to preserve marine life and coral reef.

Don’t feed the fish and Don’t Step on the Reef


*Closed on Tuesdays
7:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m. (Winter)
6:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m. (Summer)

Helpful Hints:

Get there early if you want a parking spot…. If not, I suggest going around 1:00pm, this is when parking opens back up.


$7.50 Per Person, Per Day
FREE: Residence; Hawaii State, Drivers Licence, or Student ID


$1.00 Per Vehicle


Sun bathing, Swimming, & Snorkeling (Rentals Available)

Location/Map: Oahu Island Hawaii

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This dry and hot area of Oahu has no fresh water. But ancient Hawaiian’s found it perfect for fishing. Hanauma Bay restoration began around the turn of the 1900′s,

Polyad Rating: 5/5

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Concession stand is available. Food and Beverages.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee: Arguably the Best

Remembering the first time I tasted Hawaiian Kona coffee was the first time I believed to be tasting the best coffee in the world. Being a fan of coffee, I have tried many different types and I stand strong by my choice that we have one of the best. ‘Mountain Coffee’ created in the slopes of the volcanoes from the islands, rich with minerals creating the ideal conditions for the growth of the coffee bean.


Originating from a Brazilian coffee plant, the Reverend Samuel Ruggles brought the coffee plant to Hawaii sometime around the 1820′s. Today around 800 Kona coffee farms and workers from different parts of the world including: Mainland Americans, Japanese, Filipino, and Europeans.

How is the Kona Coffee Harvested?

Spring time is when the coffee blooms and is nearly ready to be picked. Sprouting green berries by the first quarter of the year and after mid-year the ‘cherries’ are ready to be picked. Providing around fifteen pounds of cherry that is hand picked and set to ferment in a tank creating about two pounds of roasted coffee.

Kona coffee is only grown in Hawaii and history would contest that every person who tried to duplicate it was not successful. Despite an infestation of a green beetle in the fields found around 2010 measures were taken to counter balance the bug by bringing in a ground fungus that is helping to destroy the beetle.


Where Can I buy some Hawaiian Coffee?

Kona Coffee Online Store


During your stay on the islands take advantage and try some of the different tasty varieties of our coffee. Many different flavors and prices of the coffee can be purchased at almost any store. Macadamia chocolates and rich Kona coffee is the best way to start a day before you venture out and experience what Hawaii has to offer.


Wahiawa Botanical Gardens


This lush botanical garden that is located between the Ko’olau and Wai’anae mountain ranges offers a quiet relaxing spot to walk around and view many tropical plants and flowers. It has received the nickname “tropical jewel” of the Honolulu Botanical Gardens. This amazing stroll along paved walkways is a shady, cool, getaway from the warmer busier city scene. The 27 acres of land that the gardens currently sit on, was leased from the city by the Hawaiian Sugar Planters’ Association in 1920.


It was originally used for experimental tree planting, and most of the large trees that can be found were planted during this original lease. The land was turned back over to the city of Honolulu in 1950, and was opened as a botanical garden in 1957. The majority of the plants in the collection require a nice cool environment in order to thrive, and the emphasis is on native Hawaiian plants. The park is currently opened seven days a week, from 9 am to 4 pm. For anyone who is interested in a beautiful walk in tropical environment this park is a definite must.

Written by James Bredeson