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Electric Beach Cleanup #TrashBucketChallenge – Round 3

Still feeling the positive energy from the #TrashBucketChallenge my friend Liz and I visited the west coast of Oahu out towards Waianae by the power plant named Electric Beach. We picked up the litter and cigarette buts on the beach and in the parking lot. Once again there were about 100 cig butts we picked up and that sad part was they were most all right net to the trash. Like people flick the cig AT the rubbish can. Help us help you! One awesome person said good job, way to give back and actually joined us in cleaning up the park.


First we went for a snorkel about 250 feet off the beach the power plant pumps hot water into the ocean and the sea life just love the warm water. Be careful because of the rocks on right and left side near the beach. Getting out to the location and coming in was tricky and timing the sets of waves is the best way to get in and out safely. SO on this adventure we still got to learn about Oahu and help in the clean up of it as well. Also I would suggest some gloves and handy wypes after the cleaning job is complete. Mahalo and go Help Clean Hawaii.

Location of E Beach on the west side of Oahu:

Haleiwa Shrimp Truck Open Late: Souvaly ~ Mobile Thai


Every time I take my friends around Oahu island I head over to the windward side. Which is the east side and gets the more rain and looks much more tropical. Traveling east and then north around the island is off the beaten path and you will find many beautiful beaches along the cost. Just around 7pm or sunset you can watch the sun setting at Waimea Bay. After taking in that beautiful moment as time seems to stand still you can head into Haleiwa Town and on the right side you will see a sign and lights will be on.


This cute little food truck as a nice dining area that is lit and has tiki torches. I ate the garlic shrimp with salad and garlic rice and thought the quality was right on. Normally when I pass through town that late the shrimp trucks have all closed. I was very pleased to see that this one stays open till 8:30pm and I believe that extra hour will be good business for them.


For an appetizer we got the fried tofu with peanut sauce and we all agreed that was very tasty. I also got to taste the HOT garlic shrimp plate and it was a touch hotter than I like, however it was still really good. I thought that the shrimp were fresh and large in size and perfectly cooked. I would suggest Souvaly Shrimp truck in Haleiwa.



Kailua Pillboxes Trail and Hike


There are 2 ways to get to the Kailua Pillboxes. The front side and the back side. So I here the front side is a nice and easy 15 minute hike/walk. Well today we took the back side and didn’t really know what to expect. It was a much more difficult climb than we anticipated. Reaching elevations over 470 feet with up and down hiking for 45 minutes each way that worked up a pretty good sweat.


There are 2 spots on the backside that I thought were pretty difficult considering we had sandals on and thought this was a much easier task. The views the entire time were stunning even at the begging of the trail. Every 10 minutes or so we stopped and just checked out the views.


As you can see the hike was worth the view, but there are moments on this trail that if you take a wrong step you could hit some serious injuries so please be careful and walk in groups with friends just in case an accident happens.


Bring water, sunblock, backpack, walking stick, hiking shoes, and a snack. Also I had a backpack and on this trail my phone popped out of the back. So I suggest zip up your possessions on the hike because you tend to bounce around a little bit. Hit up Kailua Beach to cool down after the hike.


Before we took the hike to the Pillboxes we went for a swim at my favorite Kailua Beach Park. Beautiful blue waters and the softest sand on Oahu Island make a perfect combination.It is also one of the cleanest beaches and the waters are kid friendly. If you only have ONE day on Oahu, you should make it out to Kailua and spend the day at this beach. Also across the street from the Park is a really good restaurant called Buzz’s Steakhouse.


 Location of the Pillbox Hike in Kailua:

Support the UH Hawaii 2014 Football Team: Buy Tickets

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Gather up your friends and go see and support the UH Football team. This year is very important for the future of UH Football program, so GO OUT and buy tickets and go see the team. The Aloha stadium is the perfect place to start tailgating early with your friends and support our team. I am personally excited this year because we had a chance to BBQ with the UH offensive line and coach before the season. They are a really good group of guys and they made it easy to get behind the team and show our support this season. This is my first year attending a game and really supporting the UH football team but its for a really good cause to get behind and support the team this year. The fear is that if the UH football program isn’t supported it can close in the upcoming year and this will be the last year that anyone could attend a game. Closely following after that is not only the Aloha Bowl that could be cancelled but the MVP game played in Hawaii as well.


If transportation is an issue we offer a solution to getting to the UH games below and pick-up times with A/C and top of the line buses to and from the stadium.

Transportation for the games at Aloha Stadium.

Waimea Canyon State Park


Waimea Canyon State Park is located on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. The State Park is one of the most popular sightseeing destinations on this beautiful and majestic island. The park is approximately 1,866 acres and provides many wilderness areas and an abundance of hiking trails where you will have the opportunity to photograph the breathtaking vistas and natural beauty of this amazing travel destination. Waimea State Park can be accessed from Hawaii State Road 550, which is roughly 18 miles long, and also leads up to Koke’e State Park. The island of Ni’ihau can clearly be seen from the highway at that point as it is only a short distance to the west.


Waimea Canyon, also called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, is one of the most visited sights at the park. Although it is smaller than its cousin in Arizona, the canyon is estimated at 10 miles long, and up to 3,000 feet deep. The canyon is on the western side of Kauai, and the English translation of the Hawaiian word “Waimea” is literally “reddish water”, which is a reference to the red soil of the canyon and surrounding area. The canyon was created from the erosion of the soil by the Waimea River surging through the area as runoff from the central peak of the island, Mount Wai’ale’ale which is one of the wettest spots on the planet.


While Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands, with lava flows dating back up to 5 million years ago, it has had a unique history in the formation of the island. Like all of the Hawaiian islands it was formed from underwater volcanoes that built up over time until it had risen above the ocean. Then approximately 4 million years ago while the volcanoes that make up this unique island where continuously erupting, a portion of the island collapsed upon itself leaving a large depression that filled with lava flows. Over time the west end of the depression was eroded due to the thin nature of the lava flows that ran along that side of the collapse, while on the east side the cliffs were composed of thick lava flows that had pooled in the depression. The Waimea Canyon was formed where the water and time eroded the thinner lava flows, as the thicker more dense lava flows held firm. Then the exposed basalt layers turned from their original black color into the bright red that can be seen today.

the Health, the Clean, and the Sweet… ‪#‎trashbucketchallenge‬ Round 2

The Beet Box Cafe in Haleiwa:
One of the few vegetarian or vegan places I have ever gone to eat but it was really tasty. I had the Portebella Stache’wich with veggies and feta cheese. It was delicious. Also the staff and store the Cafe were very nice and helpful and the customers really liked the foo and positive things to say. Some of them had already heard of the Trash Bucket Challenge and mentioned they had heard about it through: @sustainablecoastlineshawaii

Google Map of Cafe Location


Cleaning Haleiwa Park:
So for round 2 today on the ‪#‎trashbucketchallenge‬ we headed to Haleiwa to pick up some paintings and decided to make a day out of it, so we went and cleaned up the park after we ate lunch. We went around the entire page area and picked up a trash bag of litter. It feels really good to do something like this challenge and try to pass on the positive flow. Go out and challenge yourself to do something for the community. Also for all the smokers in Hawaii, please make sure your cigarette butts get put out and thrown away.

Haleiwa Beach Park Location



Matsumoto’s Shave Ice:
Since Preston did such a good job cleaning up the park, we decided to treat him to Matsumoto’s Shave Ice. When you visit Hawaii you have to make a point to stop in Haleiwa town and get a shave ice on a hot summer day like today. We got the Hawaiian flavor with ice cream at the bottom. Yummy.

Location of Matsumoto’s Shave Ice


Cleaning Up Hawaii ~ #trashbucketchallenge

Spread the Aloha and take the #trashbucketchallenge

So the big craze going around the internet is the #icebucketchallenge, which is when a person is given a choice between making a donation for a good cause or dumping a bucket of ice cold water on yourself. See I do not like the idea of dumping out good drinking water so I would not promote such an act. However some good fellows by the names of Bahar Yaghoubi & Jayson Robert Missoula from the North Shore and Kahi Pacarro came up with an idea to pick up trash at a park or beach instead of dumping water out. So we are doing something good for the environment and community. The Punahou Square Park is the park I chose, which is just down the road from my house. So here at Polynesian Adventure Tours, WE challenge you, here on Oahu or your home island. Clean Up Hawaii.


It felt really good doing something for Hawaii, which has been really good to me. I believe I will now be picking up litter every beach and destination I go. Thank you Bahar Yaghoubi & Jayson Robert Missoula from the North Shoreand and Kahi Pacarro for the positivity and inspiration.


Here is the location of the Punahoa Square Park that I cleaned up today. Grab your kids and a pair of rubber gloves and go clean up Hawaii.

Link to the Trash Bucket Challenge on Facedbook.

A Beautiful Hawaiian Wedding

The Ceremony
A nice little Church Calvary By the Sea is where this wedding adventure begins. A cute young couple from UNLV traveled out to Hawaii to get married. The ocean was in the background of this cute chapel by the sea and as you can tell this was a nice place to tie the knot. Alex met Rachael in the performing arts program in school at UNLV and once they graduated to decided to get married. Since Alex is from Hawaii it worked out perfectly to have the wedding here on Oahu.


Alex and Rachael emerge newlyweds and were just so happy to share this moment together and with there loved ones. I snapped these photos with my iphone camera and a fish eye lens attachment, and the photo below is probably my favorite because when they stopped and kissed the wedding photographers missed the moment.


Cocktail Hour
After the wedding ceremony my wife and I rushed over to the Moana Surfrider Resort in Waikiki to set up the performance structure. She use to teach Alex dance at the Movement Center here in town and now helps run Samadhi Hawaii an aerial performance company. The setting on the lawn facing diamond head was perfect backdrop for an outdoor performance.


All of the performers look amazing and we had many photos that were stunning. Just when you think this moment couldn’t be any more perfect the sun started to set over the pacific ocean. The air cooled off and it was time to head inside for dinner.


The Reception Party
I was very impressed with the entire wedding planning and the resort. Dinner was delicious and a buffet style with many choices including crab claws and prime rib. The two sisters of Alex who are also very talented in the performance arts and performed during the ceremony and reception in the Ball Room. Just a wonderful family and amazing day I am glad my wife and myself got to attend.


To start off the dancing they planned flash mob dance because most of the wedding party were dance majors. The bride and groom had a perfect day and the only set back is when the party came to a close no body wanted to leave the dance floor.


Local Hawaiian Musicians take Pride in their Music


Ukulele Playing:
Many locals either have learned on the Ukulele or were taught by a person who plays the Ukulele. My own nephew was handed an ukulele before he was 10 years old and played for me at my wedding while I sang I’m Yours from Jason Mraz. He was accompanied by 4 other musicians: his older brothers playing the Ukulele also his cousin on the guitar, and a friend on a Taiko Drum. So this instrument has be a large part in shaping the artists on the Island.


Local Music Scene:
There are many local spots to visit here on Oahu and check out the music scene. Ranging from all different types of music and dancing. Oahu’s nightlife is largest and most diverse in the Hawaiian islands mainly due to the population. The music here is very inspirational and down to earth much like the hula dancing it tells a story about ancient Hawaii. About once a week my friends and I head to our hang out at restaurant row and check out the local musicians they have playing nightly. Lots of talent and aloha for music.


Just Hang’n Around:
One of my favorite things to do is just hang out and enjoy Hawaii, because every time someone starts playing music and we sing along. Around every corner it seems like a musical talent is waiting to explode. Even when we go out for Karaoke it seems to turn into a talent show and not many people want to sing once the really talented ones takes the mic. My friend Puka who was in a band not to long ago starts singing after we play basketball and he can just blow people away.


Traditional Hawaiian Music:
One of the most popular Ukulele musicians was IZ known for many songs about Hawaii and the most popular one was Over the Rainbow. Beautiful people who sings songs, love life, and live Aloha.

Over the Rainbow – Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole OFFICIAL VIDEO from Mountain Apple Company on Vimeo.

Recycling in Hawaii: Taking care of the Islands


Why recycling is important in Hawaii?
Because the waste management can become an issue here on the islands, it is very important that we all work to recycle our glass, aluminum, and plastics. There are several locations on all the islands for returning the recyclables and even getting paid to do so. Also the residents have the option of getting the 2 Bin Recycling Pickups. One bin is for a assortment of plastics, paper, metals and cardboard and the second is for glass.


HI-5 Deposits and Plastic Bad Reduction:
At most Safeways you can return the plastic bags that are given out for checkout. Foodland offers a small credit for using your own bags at checkout to reduce the use of plastic and paper bags. Hawaii has a $0.05 bottle deposit for most glass, can, and plastic bottles. The 7-Eleven has made movements to totally get rid of the use of plastic bags.


Taking Care of Our Oceans:
A very sad situation in the Pacific ocean known as the Plastic Soup Vortex. This huge waste of plastics and rubbish is growing at a fast rate and we need to put a stop to not only the growth but start a cleaning solution before our trash takes over the oceans and kills our planet. Extreme? I did not want to post the photos on the blog of the waste, so you will have to do a search for this in Google images to see for yourself. It is the worlds largest waste dump and is circling in the Pacific ocean circling closer and closer to Hawaii.


Excellent Resource for recycling that is and is not accepted:

Recycling Locations on Oahu:

Recycling Locations on Maui:

Recycling Locations on Big Island:

Recycling Locations on Kauai: