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Aloha Friday ~ The History and Excitement


Aloha Friday Spirit and Fireworks:
The Hilton Hawaiian Village puts on a Free fireworks show, every Friday for around the last 15 years. At 7:45pm for around 10 minutes the fireworks start every Friday night. Aloha Friday is commonly referred to around the island as, “RELAX” the weekend is here, and the fireworks gets it started. So when you come and visit the island Friday night look up and see if you can spot the free firework show.


Aloha Week Festival of 1947:
For the hot summer months of June through October in Hawaii the Chamber of Commerce in Honolulu Came up with the Aloha Festival and have more comfortable and cool clothing. The festival featured Hawaiian Dancing, Music, Culture, and Sports. 8,000 people attended the Parade, Ball, and Festival of Aloha.

Aloha Shirt:
More commonly known as a Hawaiian Shirt, is the largest exported product out of Hawaii. Most have flowery designs in Red, Yellow, and Blue colors and are button up with collars. Traditional Polynesian patters with vibrant colors are shipped to the other United States on the Mainland. Many of the employees of Hawaiian Companies also were Aloha Shirts. Every day to Hawaiian’s is Aloha but to other mainland states, and Aloha Friday is a chance to wear there Hawaiian Clothing to the office.

Hawaii’s Rainy Season: Bring an Umbrella on Your Adventures

During the rainy months of November through March you should plan for the coldest weather that Hawaii offers as well as keeping an Umbrella on your at all times. The many different climates on Oahu will vary and rain can spring up on any part of the island. On the positive side there is always a sunny side of things. You can always find a beach for a perfect sunny day. You just might have to travel to the other side of the island…  Some of our favorite and most beautiful beaches are on Oahu.


However, the other islands (Maui, Big Island, and Kauai) are much less populated and have a more natural feel to them. A variety of Red, Black, and White sand beaches await you. During these months combined with the cross winds the temperature can become cool, acting like an air conditioner. Bring a jacket and rain gear for this time of year and your camera because you will see more rainbows during your stay, than all year long.